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Garage Door Sensor Repair Bay Area

Garage Door Sensor Repair Bay Area

Reliable Garage Door Sensor Repair In The Bay Area

We trust our garage doors to get us in and out of our homes daily. It can either be to exit or enter the garage in our vehicle, or sometimes, it may be the primary way to enter and leave home.

In either case, if you have problems with the garage door, it can quickly stop the process. One way that this can happen is if you have issues with the sensors.

Anytime you have a problem with the garage door sensors, you must have them repaired as soon as possible. They will keep you from getting in and out of the garage, and even if a little bit of an adjustment is needed, it can be as severe as if they stopped working altogether.

Obviously, anytime you need help in this fashion, you need to contact the highest quality garage door sensor repair in the Bay area. By doing so, you ensure that your home will be accessible by you and that you will continue using your garage door without letup.

Interestingly, it isn’t just a matter of the garage door not working so that you don’t have access to the home. The sensors may keep the garage door from closing. That is one of their primary functions.

The sensors are there as a safety feature and are required by law. When the sensors are not operating properly, they stop the garage door from moving. Why do they do this?

When something breaks the line of sight from one sensor to another, the garage door thinks there is something in the way. This could be anything, from the hood of your car to a human being.

The garage door sensors stop the door from moving immediately so that nothing is injured or damaged. The problem is if the sensors are not appropriately aligned or if they are not working, the garage door could be stuck in the open position.

Obviously, this would leave your home open to invasion, and all of your belongings in the garage would be available for anyone walking by. That is why it is so important to get a garage door sensor repair service Bay area that will quickly fix the issue.

What are some reasons why a garage door sensor may not work? There are quite a few different issues that could be to blame.

  1. The Sensor Path – If there is something in the path of a sensor so that they cannot properly see each other, they will automatically stop the garage door from moving. It’s a safety feature you should never circumvent.
  2. Power Supply – When there is a problem with the power supply on the sensors, they will not work. The LED lights will not light and will not properly ‘see’ each other.
  3. Alignment – Sometimes, the sensors get out of alignment, and when that happens, the LED lights are not shining in the proper direction. It is essential to have the sensors aligned regularly, perhaps as part of a routine service available from a garage door sensor repair service in your area. When they aren’t aligned, your garage door will not work.

There are many other issues that can also occur, such as the sensor lights needing to be cleaned or if they have exposure to excessive moisture.

You can verify a problem with the sensor if you desire. You can look at the sensors, which should have green LED lights. If those lights are not on or if they are flickering, then it is likely that they have to be repaired.

In addition, the garage door sensor may occasionally go bad. If they are not cleaned regularly, and the screws are not tight, they are prone to wear out, which can be a problem.

The bottom line is your garage door will only operate if the garage door sensors are in proper alignment and operating correctly. Your garage door is likely to be stuck in the up position, but it could be in the down position or anywhere in between.

When these issues happen, immediately contact the garage door sensor repair Bay area company. They will come out and fix the problem so that you can continue to access your home safely.

Garage Door Sensor Repair Bay Area

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