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At Gold Coast, we’re proud to offer commercial garage door installation in Los Angeles. Your business relies heavily on the proper functionality of your entire business. This also applies to each of your commercial garage doors. Regular use of garage doors can make them worn, with occasional light (or severe) collisions with company vehicles and weather fluctuations. Businesses can lose money if commercial doors are not in order.

Therefore, you need professional commercial garage door installation and repair services. Unlike residential garage door installation, commercial garage door installation requires different skill sets. Commercial work requires special equipment for access, repair, and replacement.

We at Gold Coast offer professional garage door repair services for residential, commercial and industrial doors. Our professional team will do your commercial garage door installation or repair work in a timely and efficient manner.

Installation of overhead doors In Los Angeles

Overhead doors provide safety and protection while making the showcase look more elegant. Overhead doors are functional, durable and easy to use. Our team of technical professionals can install overhead garage doors perfectly.

Commercial Garage door track repair in Los Angeles

Garage doors will not work unless the track is functioning correctly. Problems occur even if the brackets are loose or the track is bent. Our team can repair these tracks efficiently as we have the knowledge and the right tools.

Replacing the commercial garage door springs In Los Angeles

If the garage door opens slightly or makes a strange noise, it may be time to replace the springs. Torsion springs and extension springs support extreme weight, and the garage door will not work unless the springs work. Our certified technicians are experts in garage door springs repair promptly.

Commercial Garage Door Maintenance In Los Angeles

If you have problems opening or closing the garage door, have it repaired as soon as possible. Garage doors are often repairable and are usually cheaper than replacing them. A team of experienced technicians like Gold Coast can quickly diagnose and repair the opening and closing of garage doors.

We repair and troubleshoot:

  • A stuck garage door that does not move up and down
  • Garage door opener, photosensor, or safety edge malfunction
  • Door damaged due to truck entry and exit
  • Broken springs, cables and garage door hinges
  • Cracked or broken bottom seal and rubber seal
  • And much more!

Reasons to choose professional garage door installation company

At-Door Gold Coast, we promise 100% satisfaction when it comes to our customers. We accept all inquiries regarding residential or commercial garage doors. Here are few reasons you can rely on us for all your garage door service and repair needs!

  • We repair and service all manufacturers, models and brands of garage doors.
  • We provide high-speed garage door service and friendly customer service.
  • Gold Coast only repairs what is broken, and there is no hidden cost here!
  • All our garage door technicians are thoroughly trained, licensed and insured.

A garage door installation service you can trust

Replacing old, dented, worn garage doors with beautiful, durable brand-new doors can quickly change your company’s appeal and boost your business. Schedule a free consultation once you decide to move forward.

You might think you can do this yourself, especially if you are practical around the house and have a knack for building and repairing things. Maybe you can read a few books on this subject or watch some YouTube videos. But Think again. Your garage door weighs hundreds of pounds. It isn’t easy to lift as well as install. It consists of several parts, and to install it; you need to know how each part works. If you don’t have it and the work isn’t done correctly, it can severely damage.

Gold Coast Garage Door and gates Services is leading this sector because of the important thing we put into our business, and it’s our true passion. We are passionate about providing only the best service, and we are passionate about ensuring the satisfaction of our customers. If you need your commercial garage door installation or repair services in Los Angeles or nearby areas, feel free to contact us right now we will be proud to serve you!

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A garage door installation service you can trust​.