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Is your garage door shaky or noisy? These may be the signs that your garage door drum is not working correctly.

The damaged overhead door is frustrating. Garage door drums often need to be replaced. Drum maintenance is an essential component of the garage door function so that it can pause your busy day easily. As with the main wheels of garage doors, which include wires and other tension elements, this maintenance is best left to a specialist. Our technical expertise in this area allows us to repair garage doors without any potential risk quickly.

What makes us unique is our dedication to our customers. We aim to provide excellent customer service with prompt local service to repair the garage door as efficiently as possible.

You can have peace of mind that your garage door is in the hands of an experienced professional at Gold Coast garage door and gates service.

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Our Services For Garage Door Drum repair

We strive to serve In The Field Of Garage Door Drum in ways mentioned below:
  • Garage Door Drum Installation
  • Garage Door Drum Repair
  • Garage Door Drum Maintenance

Overhead Door Drum Adjustment

We strongly recommend a thorough inspection. A few of the malfunctioning units do not require replacing the garage door drum. Because many of these situations require easy adjustment of the garage door drum wheels, these components assist the garage door cable and are responsible for the heavy lifting of the garage door. The drums are located above each of your garage door tracks on any side of the garage door opening. Our technicians have proper training and the right tools to carry out the best garage door repair.

Garage Door Drum Troubleshooting

With the passage of time and lack of proper maintenance, the garage doors didn’t work efficiently during operation. One of the most common reasons is your garage door drum may need to be replaced. Drums and drum wheels that are not professionally maintained will accumulate dirt and dust over time. This lack of maintenance causes corrosion of components that need to be replaced to avoid future damage to other components.

We know precisely what your garage door needs!

Hard garage door drums can be due to the buildup of dirt and rust, which can cause the garage doors to wobble noisily.

No one can underestimate the importance of garage door drums. It works in conjunction with the door springs for the smooth operation of the garage door mechanism. Keeps the garage door balanced when opening and closing. There are three main types of garage door drums named for how to lift the door:

Standard Elevator: Commonly used for most residential garage doors
Vertical lifter: Most commonly used in industrial or warehousing environments
High Lift-Increases the vertical rise of the door: horizontal track closest to the ceiling

Every type of cable reel is designed to balance/accommodate the door based on the maximum height of the door, the total weight of the door, and the thickness and length of the cable.

If you need to replace or repair a garage door drum, trust that our professionals know exactly what type of your garage door needs. When you hire us, you can take advantage of special discounts and offers on our products and services.

We value your confidence:

If there is an issue with the garage door, it is essential to repair it immediately without affecting other components. If you do not take steps to repair a damaged garage door, there are only two possible consequences. It can lead to more severe problems that affect the operation of other components and, worse, cause accidents.

Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact Gold Coast for proper maintenance of your garage door. We thank you for your trust and value your confidence in us. We guarantee you the most affordable advice regarding your garage door needs.

Trust Gold Coast for maintenance of drums, cables, wheels and other parts of garage doors.

As a reputed company, we offer quality, integrity and, most importantly, excellent customer service. We start this process by accessing the property, and with years of experience, we can provide free advice and recommendations for the next step. Contact us for a free quote on garage drum replacement.

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