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Commercial gates are the convenient and cheapest way to enhance the security and look of your property. Security systems and cameras need to be installed for added protection, but gates are a great deterrent and serve as the first level of security.

Installing a commercial gate is more complicated than it sounds. You need to hire an installation company with a high reputation and experience in this field. They must have licenses and certifications that prove their experiences and skill. You can ask the installation company for reference or talk with past customers. Reputable companies choose suitable products and installation techniques to ensure that newly installed gates are durable.

 If you need help in gate installation at commercial space, Gold Coast is the best option for you!

Why do you need a Commercial Gate installation?

Commercial Gate might be the system you were looking for. This will increase your self-confidence and give you peace of mind every time you leave your facility.

  • It controls the flow of traffic and access.
  • Some gates can record, so you have documentation and control over who is trying to come in and who is going out.
  • It can keep out pets and animals.
  • It can enhance the professional touch to the exterior of your facility.

Types of commercial and industrial security gates

There are five commonly used gate designs for the modern use of security gates today.

Different commercial facilities require different types of gates. The most commonly used varieties are listed below.

Commercial Sliding gate installation in Los Angeles

Rolling gates or sliding gates are some of the most common gates used in security applications. When opened, the gate moves sideways to the left and right, aligning parallel to the fence to allow vehicles to enter. These types of gates are commonly found in warehouses. We at Gold Coast have certifies installation experts that can provide you best installation services.

Swing gate installation in Los Angeles

Swing gates, like traditional doors, open one end and allow you to swing and access in some way. Another option for this type of gate is the use of a double-door style. For installation of this type of door, feel free to contact us right now.

Vertical lifting gate installation

Height sensors are used to allow the gate to be lifted and passed beyond the vehicle’s permissible height. This gate is ideal for areas with more compact side space. But at the same requires highly trained professionals like at Gold Coast to install this type of gate.

Vertical pivot lifting gate installation

This style is one of the most commonly installed gates by Bulldog Security and Fire and. This gate opens by rotating it upwards at a low angle and 90 degrees for access. This design is ideal for industrial environments. For installation of this complex type, certified and highly experienced technicians are required. We at Gold Coast are proud to announce that all of our experts have extensive experience and knowledge.

Bi-Folding gate installation

In the bi-fold model, the two leaves are connected in the center when in the closed position. Each gate is hinged into two sections so you can fold the gate when you open it. These gates have traditionally opened quickly and are ideal for use. You need to get in and out quickly through these gates. For perfect installation and proper functioning of this type of gate, contact us!

Commercial automatic gate installation in Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a company that offers reliable commercial gate installations in Los Angeles, look no further as we are the best commercial gate installation company in your area. An established and certified gate installation and repair company. Automatic gates are recommended with safety, durability and safety in mind. Proper installation of automatic gates doubles the convenience of automatic commercial gate operations. If you would like to upgrade your commercial gate, feel free to contact us.

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