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Garage door cables are primarily responsible for the practical opening and closing of garage doors and should always be in top condition. Cable drums present on both sides of the door maintain even tension on the door cable to ensure the proper functioning of the door. Broken garage door cables are a safety risk, and replacing them yourself is even more severe. If you suspect that the garage door cable is broken, discontinue use of the garage door and call your garage door specialist like Gold Coast for professional garage door cable repair. Our professionals are 24/7 are there for your help!

Signs of broken/damaged cables in the garage door in Los Angeles

The cable provides protection when the door spring breaks. For your safety, it is best to recognize the sign to replace the door cable.

Both the torsion cord and the extension spring cord are made of sturdy galvanized wire. Most homeowners use springs for years without replacing them. Also, sudden or gradual effects can damage the spring, resulting in damage or severe injury. These broken cable signs include:

  • The stuck Door: A broken garage door cable or drum can activate safety features and cause the door to get stuck until repairs are made. In this way, these cables work as safety guards.
  • Door unevenness: Damaged or Frayed cables can cause the garage door to behave erratically. If you notice that the door is tilted to one side, the garage door cable may be loose.
  • The door moves too fast: The cable keeps the garage door moving smoothly and steadily. If the door closes faster than expected, there is a possibility that the cable may be broken.

Cables can rust when exposed to elements and harsh weather for years. Cables can also wear from other garage door components over time. Broken or worn pulleys, cable drums, and springs are other things that can damage garage door cables. If your garage door is acting weird, it’s the right time to seek help from a technician for inspection. You may need to replace or repair the garage door cable. Contact us the right way or leave a message by filling our form; our professional will be right there in no time.

Types of cables for garage doors

Primarily there are two types of garage door cables.

  • Torsion cable: The torsion cable extends upward from the door through the cable drum. The torsion spring is mounted on the garage door along the center.
  • Extension Spring Cable: The extension spring cable attaches to the extension spring; it is a long spring that runs along both sides of the garage door track and attaches to the pulley at the end of the spring.

Strict guidelines for garage door cable repair

We strive to follow a meticulous, step-by-step process for all our garage door cable repair services. Our technicians route the cables, adjust the torque tubes and adjust the brackets efficiently to ensure smooth and efficient operation of the garage doors. At Gold Coast, we are committed to using the best and up-to-date broken garage door cable repair procedures.

Installing a new garage door cable

It’s a fact emergency can happen anytime so is the case with garage door cables-they need replacement at any time. Our qualified staff knows how to deal with these situations. Insert the card between the cables to install the new garage door. Place the cable containing the spray lubricant on the garage door, eliminating the excess. This easy method helps us to install the garage door cable correctly.

Why should you hire a specialist to fix the cable to the garage door?

Replacing the garage door cable is dangerous and requires professional training. If the garage door remains open, closed, or not functioning correctly, do not attempt to repair the garage door cable yourself. The cables and springs are under incredible tension. The safety of your home, car, and personal life is at stake.

At Gold Coast, our Garage Door Specialists has consistently built a reputation as a garage door repair and replacement specialist for over 5 years. Contact us if you suspect that the garage door cables or drums are loose, worn, or broken. We will send someone to repair your cable immediately to keep your home safe.

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