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Did you notice a stream of air between the top and sides of the garage door when you closed it? If so, the reason may be damage or old garage door weather steal stripe, or the seal may be completely missing. With massive exposure to outdoor debris and elements, the garage door weather seal strip is one of the regular repairing tasks for owners.

Keeping the watertight seal in top condition with constant exposure can better protect the contents of the garage, improve the house’s energy efficiency, and prevent pests and debris.

Signs of worn or damaged garage door weather seal strip

The garage door seal strip primarily serves to seal garage doors and prevent pests, drafts, dust, dirt and water from the top and sides of the door. Due to its external exposure, the rubber seal or vinyl around the garage door can quickly stiffen, shrink or crack with time. Check the following to determine if your garage door requires weather steal striping.
  • If there is any light peeking when looking through the top or sides of the garage door.
  • If you notice a light breeze entering the garage from the outside.
  • There are signs of damage due to apparent weather damage, such as flaking, cracking, or even missing pieces.

Types Of garage door Weather Seal strip in Los Angeles

There are different types of weather seal stripping, and every type of sealing is used for different purposes. The most common weather stripping seals are:
  • Bottom seal
  • Brush seal
  • Vinyl door stop
  • Threshold seal
  • Reverse angle mount seal

Advantages Of Weather Stripping For Your Garage Door

Here are the benefits of weatherproofing your garage door:

  • Saves money and expands lifespan: There are no doubt some significant advantages of using weather seals for your garage doors. Weather seal striping will increase the lifetime of the garage door and save a lot of money on garage door repairs.
  • Protection: Weather seals protect the garage door from the effects of the weather and protect the stored items from elements that can damage your property. The seal also acts as a shock absorber against the shock and damage when closing the garage door. It keeps the door in good condition and reduces the chance of frequent repairs.
  • Insulation: The weather seal minimizes the risk of energy loss, especially during the winter months. If the seal is intact, you do not need to use the heater while in the garage. Besides, a decrease in energy loss will reduce your energy costs considerably.
  • Barrier: The seal acts as a barrier between the garage door body and the structural frame, preventing moisture, dust, insects and pests from entering the garage.

Why Should Garage Door insulation Be Professionally Installed?

While there are several reasons why garage door insulations are a quick and easy task for professionals, the challenges for homeowners are: Garage door seal strip must be perfectly aligned. If it’s not the case, it does not help you at all. If the seals on the sides of the door are not installed properly, you may have problems operating the door, or the door may get out of track. Also, garage seals require some materials and tools that most homeowners do not have, like a tool that can drive nails through concrete.

Are you still unsure how to install or repair your garage door weather seal strip — or what type of seal is best for you? The procedure of getting/repairing garage door weather insulation is quick and efficient as long as you hand over this to a professional. Contact the garage door experts at Gold Coast garage door and gates today for expert help.

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Insulating the garage door is essential to protect the contents of the garage from the elements and ensure that they last a long time. Therefore, it is essential to do it correctly.

Several weather seals and insulators can be applied to the right area, such as the bottom and top of a garage door, one designed to act as a windbreak threshold. Involve Gold Coast technicians to handle perfect stripping. We always take pride in providing you with high-quality products and services that are affordable, durable and reliable.

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Are you still unsure how to install or repair your garage door weather seal strip — or what type of seal is best for you?