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Garage door sensors are essential for modern garage doors because they can detect that something is blocking the door and send a signal to the opening system that allows the door to close and open. This elegant and simple design protects many people from injury and prevents damage. When bearing in mind that garage doors are the leading cause of household injuries, it makes sense that if there is any problem, you should be addressed immediately, including garage door sensor repair.

What Are Garage Door Sensor Repairs?

Garage door sensors are typically photoelectric optical devices on any side of the garage door connected to the door’s opening system. On one side, an infrared beam is emitted from a device about 4 inches from the floor. The uninterrupted beam is directed at the receiver on the other side.

If the sensor is functioning correctly, if something blocks the path of the rays, it will respond when you close the garage door. If the object is a car, a person’s foot, a child, or a dog, the sensor will activate the safety system. When an obstacle is detected, the garage door will automatically stop and flip.

Types of Garage Door Sensor

The garage door sensor repair services we offer are for the following types.

  • Monitor Sensors
  • Safety Sensors
  • CO2 Sensors

We take pride in repairing and install any damage to the garage door sensor conveniently and efficiently.

Signs for Damaged Garage Door Sensor repair in Los Angeles

If the garage door closes with an obstacle, it can cause crush, severe damage to the vehicle, or damage or destruction in the process. The sensor is designed to prevent this, but sometimes they malfunction. Contact the best garage door technician like Gold Coast for repair if you notice any of the following symptoms.

  • The garage door suddenly stops and flips for no apparent reason.
  • When you open a garage door, it will not be closed by a command.
  • The light flashes from the sensor or overhead component.

You can also see these common reasons.

The sensor is misaligned due to vibration or side impact from an object or person. In some cases, a screwdriver (slot or cross) can be used to adjust the assembly to ensure the proper operation of the photocell system.
Dirt on the infrared beam emitter or receiver sensor: Dust and dirt can block the rays, but a universal cleaner and paper towels are sufficient for cleaning the lens.

The receiving sensor is exposed to direct sunlight. This is a rare case, but the system may consider the sensor beam to be blocked. Verifying that the sensor is appropriately shaded will resolve the issue.

The garage door closes only when a push button or remote control is pressed. This could be a sensor malfunction, an old / failed sensor, misalignment, loose cables, or something blocking the beam.

Troubleshooting sensor problems

Our certified professionals will thoroughly inspect your garage door infrared beam and sensor. They will also check that there are no problems with the wiring of the safety sensor. Our experts will replace the sensors if necessary and make sure that your garage door closes and open ideally after servicing. We at Gold Coast use the troubleshooting steps to determine the cause of the detector malfunction. Occasionally the issue is only damaging to the photoelectric eye in the form of humidity or blunt trauma. In other scenarios, the issue stems from just minor obstructions that provoke the sensor from functioning correctly.

Then again, the issue may be more technical than this– electrical problems linked with improper wiring or frayed. If so, it is the right time to schedule an appointment with us for a professional service.

Garage Door Sensor Repair and Replacement

Infrared garage door sensors can be difficult to repair on your own. They should not be exposed to direct sunlight and should be turned off before working. We at Gold Coast garage door and gates repair, replace, and install all brands of garage door sensors. The problem may be with the extension cable. Trained technicians can look for voltage drops that indicate installation problems, loose cables, or pinched cables.

If you live in Las Angeles or surrounding areas, you can rely on our licensed technicians to repair and replace your garage door sensor. We work with all brands of garage door sensors. The quality of service is guaranteed while offering competitive prices and free quotes.

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